Premier Captioning & Realtime Ltd. was established in 2001 and since then we have grown to be the largest provider of realtime speech to text verbatim reporting in Ireland for the Deaf/deaf, hard-of-hearing and the legal sector. We provide our services in a wide range of settings, including, but not limited to:

    • STT/CART in Education
    • STT/CART in Conferences
    • Phone Call captioning
    • Theatre Captioning
    • Broadcast Captioning
    • Transcription
    • Legal Stenography for Court/Depositions/Arbitrations
    • Other Services: Audio Description & Videography

We regularly provide these services to a number of high profile companies such as: Google, Black & Decker, Zurich Insurance and many others, as well as many State and Semi-State agencies and charities such as: RTÉ, National Disability Authority, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, DeafHear, Irish Deaf Society, etc. Our staff has a combined experience of over 150 years in providing verbatim stenography, STT and CART services in Ireland, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. All our staff are certified by the NCRA (National Court Reporters Association), and hold certifications such as RPR, RMR, CRR and RSA (Realtime Systems Administrator), all internationally recognised standards of excellence. We are also members of BIVR (British Institute of Verbatim Reporters), and all of our staff have undergone disability awareness training and basic sign language training.



We provide our CART/STT service to students in Primary and Secondary level, but mainly to Third level institutions and universities. The service can even be used by lecturers and/or parents and Board members for meetings.

It can be provided either remotely or onsite. Whichever suits the student’s needs and requirements most, and best of all, they have a full transcript of the lesson within minutes!

"I went from bottom to top of my class in one semester, when I switched to using PCR’s service. I knew that there was more being said than what I was picking up, I just didn’t realise how much until I got their verbatim transcripts after every lecture. Plus, I’ve made so many new friends, everyone wants to sit beside the kid with all the answers."


We have been providing CART/STT to a number of companies and organisations over the past 10 years. Whether you require the text displayed to a large screen for all delegates, to single-user monitors, or even directly to the web, we can help.

There is also a full transcript of the event available at the end of the day!

"PCR have provided CART at many of our AGMs, making our meeting accessible to everyone there, and then handing over a verbatim transcript before they leave at the end of the day, which has been invaluable to us. A very helpful and professional company."


Today’s business world is fast-paced and truly global, and the key to success is being “available”. Telephone meetings and teleconferences have become in integral part of business, and are now a vital part of many working days, but until recently they were inaccessible for many.

Now thanks to the introduction of PCR’s  Live Phone call Captioning service, that has all changed.

"Important decisions are made via conference calls and my contribution to same was always limited due to my hearing difficulty. PCR’s service has changed my life over the last two years and while on a conference call I feel like I am on an equal footing and my hearing difficulty is no longer the barrier it once was."


Theatre Captioning is a means of displaying the text of an entire theatre performance on stage-side screens, or hand-held devices. The captions “pop” on to the screen (scrolling text is proven to be very tiring, and somewhat confusing, in a theatre setting)  with a  maximum of 8-10 lines of text on screen at any one time.

The variation of colour and caption length makes it easier to follow. We’re also currently developing an app which will enable theatre-goers to bring their own device to the show, allowing them complete freedom when choosing seating.

"Having never experienced musical theatre with captions before, Oliver! just blew my mind; the colour-coded text meant I could follow the show easily, I can’t wait for the next captioned performance!"


We provide live captioning/subtitling for both webcasts and also for broadcast television. We’ve been providing live subtitles for RTÉ since 2001 and we also provide subtitle files for production companies.

Since webcasting has become more prevalent over the past few years we have found ourselves working on more and more diverse projects; from international conferences and college tutorials, even working with The Vatican on the Papal Visit to the UK!

"PCR have proved their reliability and readiness to oblige on many occasions, their professional and open manner in doing business, and RTÉ would highly recommend this company and their services."


As one of our core services, transcription has always been, and still remains, an integral part of our business. All of our transcribers are trained to transcribe both quickly and accurately.

We deliver verbatim transcripts to our clients to any timescale they wish.

"Our business is competitive and we need every available tool to keep us ahead of the game, PCR’s transcription service have been a vital part in our success to date."


As well as providing a range of “accessibility” services, we also continue to provide the basic stenography services, for which we initially became known.

We provide stenographers, and realtime reporters, for court hearings in Ireland and also for legal depositions, arbitrations, tribunals and commissions throughout Ireland and Europe.

"If I have a case that’s going to trial, the first call I make is to PCR, they’re dependable, reliable and provide a quality service, from pleasant and competent stenographers in court to an excellent standard of transcript as the end product."


We also provide a range of complementary services, with audio description and legal videography. Audio description is an additional narration track intended primarily for blind and visually impaired consumers of visual media, including television, film and live events. Increasingly in the US, the legal profession is using videography to record evidence for trials, as it preserves testimony and complements the stenographic note.

We can provide experienced and trained legal videographers and the video in the required formats such as MPEG1, MP4, NTSC DVD, etc. and/or the video synched with your transcript.

"In the US legal videography is part and parcel of our legal process and it can be difficult to find the service being provided in Europe. Thankfully we found PCR and their service is second to none."

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